pillow for my new grown-up couch

at christmas my husband & I decided that we needed a 'grown-up couch'......not a futon, not a hand me down from someone else but a real honest to goodness, first owner couch.

so being an indecisive as we are it was going to take forever to find one; he wanted leather, I wanted a sectional, everything was sooo expensive... until the flyer from the Bay arrived

the flyer arrived on wednesday & we had a new couch on december 31, New Years Eve - Happy New Year.

since the arrival of the new couch I've been trying different things to make a leather sectional look more like 'us' - I treated myself to the weekend knitting book and there it was a knit throw pillow. i've changed the colors around a bit to go with the pillows i've already purchased (light blue silk pillow with brown polka dots) . i've been working on the back side but i'm excited to get working on the patterned side

i'll post my progress if I ever find the time to get everything done - too much knitting NEVER enough time

babies, babies everywhere

So about three or four weeks ago I got two emails from my very bestest girl friends announcing that they were both going to be come mothers again this fall. For Brenda she will become mother to a brood of 3 in November & for Sandra their family will grow from 3 to 4 in October. Added to the already expectant Tracey, with #2 due in early September the little ones in my circle of friends will grow from 8 to 11 very quickly! Not to mention a girl at work is expecting in August and our next door neighbor in July.....babies babies everywhere.

Needless to say I have to get crafting to get everything complete in a timely mannner! I'd love to be able to wait and make gender specific items but based on work etc it looks like gender neutral all around. HOWEVER this WILD Baby Blanket is far from neutral! I think it's fun, I'm not into typical baby blue and soft pink. Hope the recepient enjoys it as much as I did knitting it.

trip to The Loop

my husband & I took off to Halifax for a little road trip on May 22......he had some running around to do and I had some shopping I wanted to get in but I had seen a posting for The loop on the internet and was determind I was going to visit.

it was a fantastic spot, little Maggie meets you at the door....they have lots of interesting wool & a wool winder (I had never seen one before) where they wind the hank of wool for you so it's 'knit ready' when you get home.

i treated myself to a skein of Lambs Wool/Linen/Flax yarn that came with a pattern developed by one of the shop owners. it's very interesting, I can't wait to share the final product......I'll be sure to post when it's finished.