back to the grind...

so here we are back in MonkeyTown after an enjoyable week off.... 4 day's in the 'nish, a trip to Halifax and some well deserved rest.....but a week is never long enough

friday after work we made our way for home and then an early start on Saturday. andrea & gabe hit the road for sherbrooke at 7:30 - hair, hair and more hair and after a detour of sorts with no cell service (is Liscombe to far? STOP I have signal!) they make it to the bride and her entourage in time

the wedding was beautiful and the rain held off until we were well undercover at the lion's hall although some thunder made it's way into the vows I think

we stayed at the Sherbooke Village Inn - quaint would be an apt discription I think (tee hee) we had a few drinks, shared a few laughs (some probably better kept to yourself) and Sarah and I danced the night away, all in all it was a very enjoyable time