puppy banditos

Our puppy is sooo black that sometimes it’s hard to see her coming & going so I like to make her some scarves to brighten her up. Since I’ve started making them she loves to wear them and will strike a pose when she's all dressed

'shrug' pour my souer

My sister Andrea is the crafty one, she’s always making gifts for folks and coming up with the most creative ideas. So this past Christmas I was determined to stimulate my creative juices and make something for her for Christmas. It took a long time to find a pattern for something that I thought I would be able to complete and that I thought she would like, so when I found this shrug pattern on the Berocco site I gave it a try. I had to start from scratch a couple of times but I was pleased with the final result. I think she was pleased with it as well from her reaction on Christmas morning.

sock fever

Over Christmas I developed a case of sock fever!
So here it is my initial sock attempt. At Christmas I admired my cousin Meaghans sock knitting with ‘Magic Sock Yarn’ so of course I had to go out and get some of my own. Although I didn’t splurge on the European type that makes several patterns in the socks, I decided to start with some Patons Striping yarn. I’m a little disappointed with the striping, but it looks kind of funky and I like the colors. Knitting with such fine yarn and small needles is slow going but it sure makes the time pass quickly.

little black clutch

Tried this one with Bernat Lana Wool, it didn’t felt up as thick as I would like but I would certainly use Lana if I was going to make something to wear, it’s much softer & cleaner than the B&L wool

first felt

Felting, felting, felting; so here is my first attempt at felting, the shape did not turn out as expected but it’s only my second knitting attempt in a long while as well so I guess total satisfaction with the piece was a lot to look for
Knit with Briggs & Little it felted up fairly well, but I’ve been told that other wools felt up nicer