my new niece - Baby Jane

So for those of you who know my family well you know this post has nothing to do with a human baby, but rather a new 4 legged addition.

Baby Jane, my sister has recently adopted another woe-be-gone stray, this time an English Bulldog, surrendered to the Atlantic Vetrinary College where she works.

I have gone home to my parents house twice and have met Baby Jane but this was the first weekend for DH to meet his new niece. She was a fairly well behaved house guest, aside from the trip to visit the neighbors and the 'presents' she seemed to like to leave, oh and yes the relentless tormet of poor nervous Fiona, who found a coping tactic - Jane can't jump on the bed. That being said we did enjoy their visit and are looking forward to many more.


lucky number 7

Lucky Number 7
This past weekend we were please to be included in Mike's brothers wedding. Bob and Jen, his new wife, have been together for about 3 years (I think...) and were engaged just before Christmas.

As it turns out their wedding date of 07/07/07 is the most sought after wedding date in history because of the luck tied to the numbers 7-7-7. Luck certainly shined on them this past Saturday (with the exception of the flower crisis). With a weather forcast of 70% chance of rain and thundershowers we were all pleasantly surprised to have a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze. They had two extra photographers on hand to capture the day's moments and the Minister even remembered Jen's name - which is more than I can say for our ceremony :)

Mike is pleased to have another 'little sis' and I have a sister-in-law, always had a sister but never a sister-in-law. I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all, thanks to Bob & Jen for including us in their big day!

This coming weekend I'm off to another wedding in New Glasgow for my cousin Jill. Fingers crossed that she and her husband to be will still get a little of the '777' luck and July 14th will be another beautiful day.

Update - they had a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding, Congratulations Jill & Bud