......way up West

this is a really late post.....but you're reading that correctly not way out West but way up West

Easter Monday my sister and I took a trip to MacAusland's Woolen Mill up west on PEI. What a teriffic place, lots and lots of beautiful wool at very nice prices. But what a trip.....it was 2 hours from Andrea's place in Meadowbank, you would certainly want to pack a lunch & have a large amount of wool you are looking for.
The store is upstairs, actually above the working mill. The sell dyed wool by the skein in addition to more natural colors that they sell by the pound.
Andrea and I stocked up on the wool that we're going to need for our Weekend Getaway Satchel (Interweave Knits Fall 2005) if we can ever clear our plates enough to get working on them.....
Yet another project waiting in the wings, watch for the post