So from day 1 when we moved into 172 Rennick Rd Mike and I have been talking about moving. Why....we're not really sure - it's a nice house in a new area. Perhaps it's because we live on a street, not in a neighborhood.

Late in February I found a place in Riverview for us to take a peek at. So we went for a look and were drawn to this house, no not from the peach, lavender and Toronto Maple Leaf blue paint, it was more to the kitchen and the fact that the house felt like it was in a neighborhood. Mike went off to Texas the following week and we both kept thinking about ' the new house'. Everytime we talked 'the new house' came up. What we would do - what the yard would look like - how Mike could cook in that kitchen. So when he came back from Texas we talked about putting in an offer. A week or so later we made the offer. Four short hrs later we were the 'potential' new owners of 153 Callowhill Rd. Now to sell our house.....

Saturday, Sunday & Monday we cleaned - not that we live in a hovel or anything but having a clean house and having an open house clean house are two very different things (this we've learned during our various visits to houses). On Sunday our agent came by and we signed on the dotted line - our house was officially on the market.

Mike has decided to take Wednesday off to clean the dreaded basement and I was off at work. At about 4 my phone rang- it was Mike - he sounded stressed. "Can you come home right away?" I thought something had happened......sort of.......we had a showing for 7 that night.

We frantically cleaned from 4 - 6:45, at which point we shuffled off with Fiona in tow. We daydreamed as we drove.....maybe we'd only have to show the house once.....can you imagine? What was it going to be like to have to keep the house like we didn't live in it? How long was this going to take? So around 9 we arrived home - exhaused and settled in for the night.

Around 9:30 our agent phoned - I thought just to follow up, you know....how did it go? did they show up? But no she laughed - she had an offer for us! WOW, so now I can't sleep. In the morning we made a counter offer and by noon the house was SOLD.

That was March 8th, now it's March 27 and the sign on the lawn looks like this.....

Tomorrow is the home inspection on the 'new' place and then......PACKING......we move in June.