Labor Day Weekend

So we had a wonderful Labor Day weekend in the 'nish. Busy but great.
I arrived MUCH later than I expected on Friday night (work,....grrr) and rolled in around 9:30. Stopped for a slice at the Wheel, the students are back in full force. Wow do I feel old, all the new students & I'm ready to celebrate my 10 year reunion! http://www.stfx.ca/
Mom & Dad had company until 12:00 and then Andrea and I sat up until 2:30 giggling and carrying on. I haven't spent nearly enough time with her lately and although one evening was not nearly enough it was good. Sisters do a body good.
Up early on Sat and a trip to town with Mom & Betsy. No big purchases, just two balls of Patons Jaquard in denim. Off to the ENSE with Sarah in the afternoon and supper with Gramma Jean & Aunt Rita in the evening.
Sunday was another busy day, an afternoon of swimming, water skiing (Andrea was successful - I was not) and tubeing. A dinner at 6 and a quick baby shower for Tracey's new bambino. Can't wait for his/her arrival.
A weekend is never enough time, even a long weekend. How can we get back to the 'nish??