Long awaited summer vacation - 4 days and counting

It feels like forever since we booked our summer vacation - WAAAYYY back in March. In the 10 + years that Mike and I have been together, with the exception of our wedding, we have NEVER taken vacation together!

We've had a crazy summer, here's the timeline....
June 8 - 17: we moved - packed up our little house at 172 Rennick Rd and moved accross the river to Riverview - 153 Callowhill Rd.
June 18 - July 01: we cleaned, and unpacked and cleaned some more
July 01 - 03: Mike hosted his brothers bachelor party - not much work for me but a fair bit of missed Z's
July 06 - 08: Mike's brother's wedding weekend - again not much work for me - a bit of running, a lot of fun and not much sleep
July 14 - 15: home to my cousin's wedding; nice to just be a guest :)
July 21 - 22: a relaxing weekend in Rexton with our friends Cathy & Tony
July 28 - 29: my sister, her beau and their two dogs came for a visit
August 04- 05: a surprise party in Waternish
August 10 - 12: River Party & Birthday Party!
August 13 - 17: VACATION!!

Needless to say we do not have one thing planned after the weekend of August 18th! I'm hoping that the nice weather stays around so we can finish unpacking and organizing and spent a little time enjoying out new house.

...although there is a house warming party to plan....stay tuned

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